Buying Tessellations' Products

Our products are available from several mail-order and online retailers, including Nasco, EAI Education, ETA/Cuisenaire, Bright Kids World, and SeriousPuzzles.

While the above retailers carry a selection of our products, all of products are available at In addition to Tessellations' products, mathartfun carries books, construction toys, posters, dice, neckties, and CD's related to tessellations, polyhedra, fractals, the art of M.C. Escher, and more. Mathartfun will ship to other countries. Please click on the logo below to go to mathartfun.

Some of the companies carrying our products outside the U.S. are:
In Australia, Genie Educational.
In England, Tarquin.
In Hong Kong, Jong Lian School Supply Co. Ltd.
In Japan, Image Mission.
In South Korea, Rootuit.

If you have questions about buying our products, please e-mail us.

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